Why breakfast is important

In today's hectic time, we all happen to be in a hurry in the morning, so we don't have time to eat a healthy breakfast, but we will quickly buy something outside and eat with our feet. We will also eat lunch at work in a hurry, something that almost satiates us until dinner, which we will eat at home in peace, because then we have time to relax and enjoy our food.

If you skip breakfast and console yourself with low appetite, it will reduce your calorie intake and thus reduce weight. Or you eat something small and then expect it to be enough for you to survive the day, and again in the evening because you do not want to burn calories and go hungry for sleep, do nothing good for your body.

Everyday stress, fatigue, exhaustion and insomnia can all be closely linked to the foods we choose to eat. Therefore, many will make the mistake of going out to eat in the evening to “calm down”, especially in the late evening hours, and this is precisely what has a negative impact on sleep quality.

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, and with a proper dinner you can lose weight and generally affect your quality of life.

In the morning when we wake up, our body's sugar levels are low because hours have passed since we did not ingest food into our body. This is why morning is the perfect time to strengthen your body. If you skip breakfast in the morning, your body may become unwell, you may experience headaches and lack of concentration.

During the day we are at work, our availability of highly nutritious foods is reduced, so this is more a reason not to skip breakfast than to eat cereals and various types of seeds in the morning to meet your daily essential fatty acid needs.

If you skip breakfast, as the day goes on, your sugar level will drop even further, and your body will want something sweet, and you will most likely give it refined sugar and fat. This further confuses the body. After awakening, the body is weak and needs the energy you need to provide it through food.

If you omit this, the body will not want to consume the energy it has, but will store it in fat for fear that it will run out of energy. Therefore, in order to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight, breakfast should not be skipped!

As a common excuse is that we do not have enough time for a quality and healthy breakfast, we will show you how to make a healthy beverage that is fast-finished, very easy to make, and contains everything you need for a healthy start to the day.

Author: S. G., Photo: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal? (November 2020)