Why doesn't the child listen

Many parents often complain about their child's behavior without even thinking that the problem is actually with them. The way you approach your child is important so that your child understands your message correctly. In order to make as little mistake as possible, below we bring you how you should address your child.

Sometimes some of your wishes are directed at the child, which is not at all clear to him or her, and he or she does not even understand what you want him / her to do. So try to explain what you want in words, avoiding saying what you don't want all the time, as this can have a counter-effect. Always tell your child what you expect from him, not what you don't expect.

Try not to talk too much because too much information will only confuse the child. With too much information, you will only confuse the child, and it may seem to you that the child does not want to listen to you. Instead, tell the child step by step what you expect them to do, and after each completed task, take a short break. Sometimes it is also good to ask the child what to do to determine the material.

You will never get what you expect from your child if you are not consistent in your wishes. If you tell your child that something has to be done then and then, then it has to be done then and then, without exception. You don't have to be too strict, it's just important to be consistent in your preferences.

Don't cheat on your child! Don't teach him that he'll get something later, and you know he won't. In this way, raising a child will ignore you, because they will not believe you. After all, no one would believe a person who does not fulfill what he has promised every now and then.

Stop ordering! Parents who constantly order are in constant conflict with their child. Change your approach to the child and the situation will improve. Explain to your child what you want from him / her, give him or her all the information and advice they need, and your child will understand and listen to you better.

Don't give your child too many choices. When you want a child to do something, don't ask them if they can or will do it, but tell them to do it. However, this does not mean that you should order or be strict and unkind to the child, but simply tell him or her what he or she is expected to do. If you treat the child with a gentle and positive attitude, the child will do what is requested without a problem.

Author: A.Z., Photo: Zurijeta / Shutterstock

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