Why men lose interest

You went out on a couple of dates and everything seemed perfect? The man showed interest and even showed romantic gestures. But after a few dates, for no apparent reason, did he stop answering?

Why do men suddenly lose interest is asked by more women. Whether you went out a couple of times or even got into a relationship and everything seemed perfect, suddenly a click occurred in the male brain. Sometimes even the men themselves do not know how to answer that question.

We bring you the most common reasons why a man will cool down and disappear.

Most men, when they grow up, become real mature individuals who lose the fear of being tied up. However, some do not. They still retain the fear of obligation. Recognize stable men on time and avoid this situation in the beginning. You do not need an emotionally immature person in their 30s or 40s.

Men are brave or brave when it comes to banal things, such as watching a scary movie or killing a big bug. But when they need to express their feelings, they get lost and numb. Some men like to change women because they feel that they are still desirable, while also giving them a sense of freedom. A large number of women in the short term please their ego, they feel smart, interesting and attractive. They perceive the game of conquest as a competition and once they realize they have won you, that game is no longer interesting to them.

The main advice in situations like this or that is that you slow down too. Although you may be very in love and would rather spend every spare moment with him, try to control yourself a little. Even if it is a longstanding relationship. It is important that you never give the best of yourself in a relationship. Let the man be the one who will have the feeling that he must reach you so that you do not run away. Men are hunters by nature, so although you may find it terribly overwhelming, keep a little distance. Go out occasionally with your girlfriends to see that everything around him does not revolve and that you have other options.

Men sometimes fear their feelings. Maybe they had no plans to fall in love so quickly, and were terrified of the chemistry that had happened. At that point, they will run away because they do not know how to handle it. They do not want and will not face their fears. When you notice or feel it, slow down a bit. Optionally talk to him. Over time, you will come to this topic in conversation. Subtly give him some tips and with as much talk as possible, you will solve the problem.

There are some major and important differences between men and women. Men love to live in the present and enjoy the moment, while women are already far in the plans and thinking about things that are a major turning point in life for both of them. This will put pressure on the man. Slow down a bit and enjoy the current beautiful things. With small steps, go ahead and work on your relationship, so naturally, great things will come your way.

Author: M.L., Photo: Lisa S./Shutterstock

Why Do Guys Lose Interest in a Woman? | Understand Men (May 2022)