Imagine not being born in the 20th century. Imagine being born in a time when time is a complete abstraction for man. Other than a few landmarks that give him the sun, moon and stars and the obvious changes of the seasons he is lost. Is this way of life actually even more natural than the one operated by this little mechanical or digital aid today.

What is the wing of capitalism? It seems that through everyone else she always somehow breaks through that time is money. But interestingly money cannot buy time. But he can buy something else. When we have already managed time, there is no reason why we should not do it in an absolutely modern way, so this money can allow us to buy a clock that will measure how much time, therefore, money. One half-metaphysical twist, right?

The first clocks came in the 16th c. and those stationary ones worked. It was only later that time was worn in the coat or jacket pocket. The precious little precious metal watch chains linked to clothing were of fine craftsmanship and passed on as a family treasure from fathers to sons.

It is extremely important to know what time it is during the war, but at the same time, every second of pocket-picking increases your chance of running out of time. So the watches moved to the wrist where it was very easy to cast a glance. Today's watches are very sophisticated and can work perfectly for years. They are much more accurate than the first hours, so we're even talking about milliseconds.

For a reasonable price you can already find a very high quality watch and all you have to do is choose the model that will best fit your style. If you are a sports guy. Perhaps the best choice is a digital clock that will have a built-in stopwatch or perhaps a pulse meter and the like. Choose the one that has a sturdy and durable plastic-resistant strap. This is especially important if he is to accompany you to physical activity.

For those who like classic style, leather is always available. It looks beautiful, dignified, modern and desirable. Choose a belt in neutral color, especially if you plan to invest in just one expensive watch to wear for years. Black brown, cognac or beige are the best choices. For real ladies, a wristwatch has been created, with a strap reminiscent of a sophisticated bracelet and function as a fashion accessory for some finer-fitting clothing combinations. Whatever you choose, we want you to spend your seconds, hours and days the way you want with those you love.

Author: L.K., Photo: inxti / Shutterstock

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