Every year, at the same time, the flowers organize a lavish dance until dawn. Nightingales sing their song, mice play in the orchestra, squirrel drums. No matter what happens every year, we humans find it difficult to know when and where exactly the dance will take place. Only a fair-haired boy knew about this story, who loved flowers and animals.

All the flowers were prepared all year long for this special event. Roses, brooks, visibabes and lilacs would prepare their best outfits to be the most beautiful on dance day. But there is one flower that does not smell like other flowers, it is not sold in shops, it is not picked on walks, and gardeners do not like it. It's a dandelion.

One year the dandelion was very sad and he cried all day in the ditch. The ladybug spotted him and asked him why he was crying. The dandelion replied: “My dress is broken, I do not smell like rose or lilac, I do not have blue creek color or proudly hold hyacinths. And tomorrow is the dance. I won't be the ugliest. ”To help the dandelion, the ladybug summoned all the bugs, but none of them could help.

No one but the old ugly spider who ate poor flies and was never good in his life. One night the spider felt great loneliness, never loved anyone in his life, nor loved anyone. He wanted to do something nice for someone before he died. He decided to help the dandelion.

All night long he had woven his net and finally weaved out the finest airy dress of the finest cobweb. The dandelion was overjoyed, dancing with all the flowers and animals. Since then, every year the dandelion goes to dance in a cobweb dress.

Type of work: fairytale

The time of action: unspecified

Place of action: forest

Characters: dandelion, ladybugs, bugs, ants, fireflies, butterflies, bumble bees, bees, crickets, eaglefish, stinking martin, boy, spider.

A note on a writerSunčana Škrinjarić was born in 1931 in Zagreb. She was a writer who, after Ivana Brlic-Mazuranic, was the first to accept a fairy tale as a form and write them. She often permeated her childhood experiences in her fairy tales.

The most famous works: Fairytale cactus, Writer and time, Painter in the forest, Prince and princess, Theater cafe… During her lifetime, she was awarded the Grigor Knight Award for Literature several times (1970, 1978 and 1983).

Her works have been translated into several world languages. In 1999 she was nominated for one of the most prestigious Hans Christian Andersen children's literature awards. She died in 2004.

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