Yoga in Everyday Life

Yoga exercises are becoming more and more popular all over the world and have reached us at such a high speed. They are effective in relaxing the muscles, nerves and are good at dealing with stress. They are not at all complicated and easy to perform at home. Learn what yoga means in everyday life.

The modern lifestyle has caused more and more stress, one of the causes of serious illness, which is why it is important to find a way to relax and overcome stress as soon as possible.

When practicing yoga, you do not need any extra equipment. All you need is a comfortable pad. These are exercises that work a lot on the spine. Therefore, a firm, uncomfortable and wrong pad can cause injury and distortion of the spine itself. A comfortable rug or towel will be enough for you.

Thanks to yoga, you can strengthen your muscles, joints, lose weight, improve your physical and mental well-being. If you are thinking of practicing these interesting exercises, you can read the beginner's instructions here.

Yoga exercises

There are various yoga exercises, and certainly the most famous one is called "hello to the sun". It is an exercise that involves a number of smaller exercises, and they are good for all parts of your body. From head to foot. At the same time, this exercise is best known in the world of yoga. Why? It is effective, and when exercising the body relaxes and our mood is instantly better.

In the world, this exercise is better known as Surya Namaska. It was named because it is recommended to exercise in the morning after a shower. The exercise is performed in several steps and exercises, to be exact twelve.

The first two steps involve standing, raising your hands in the air, as a sign of welcoming the sun. The third step is to bend the upper body, trying to touch the base with your hands. The knees must not be bent.

The fourth step is lowering to one knee, while the other leg is extended. Keep your hands on the base in front of you. The head is in the plane of the shoulder, does not descend.

The fifth step is the position of the push, and you should hold it for a few seconds. From this position, the body is lowered to the base, ie it is necessary to lie down on the floor. Later you lift your upper body, clinging to your arms.

The head is facing up. It then lifts the body until you take the shape of a triangle. This position is complicated and dangerous for the injured spine, so it is important to avoid it if you suffer from this problem. The next step is the extended leg, identical to the exercise in step four, only this time the second leg is stretched.

Then it is necessary to lean forward, and slowly raise your hands until you take a standing position. The arms are lifted into the air and the exercise is complete. If you just want to meditate, sit in the lotus position, close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes. All you need to do to make this exercise a success and you can relax completely is the peaceful environment and the quiet. Enjoy!

Yoga has become more and more popular over time and is increasingly perceived by those who believe that yoga is increasingly needed in daily life. If you want to try it, look at yoga for beginners, which will make it easier for you to enter the world of mind and body alignment.

Author: D.Š. Photo by George Dolgikh / Shutterstock

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